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Nine reasons to choose Easygo Japan
Nine reasons to choose Easygo Japan

Why you should choose our Wi-Fi routers

  • Our High-Speed Wi-Fi routers are on Japan's largest 4G LTE network of NTT docomo and allow you to get 3 Mbps-30 Mbps internet speed averagely. This internet speed is almost the same as your hotel's Wi-Fi.

  • Our Unlimited Data Wi-Fi routers have no data-throttling limits (speed limits), it is the best choice when powering data connections for multiple Wi-Fi devices.

  • All our Wi-Fi routers have large batteries which can last almost two days per battery charge. No need to bring a battery charger with you all the time.

Why you should choose our Smartphones

  • Our Smartphone is available at 520 JPY/day. All data usages and incoming calls are free.

  • You only need to pay 30 JPY/min to make domestic calls or international calls with our Smartphones. This is a very competitive calling rate you can find in Japan.

  • The rental fees include damage insurance and no deposit is required for our Smartphone rentals.

Why you should choose our SIM Cards

  • No data-throttling limits (speed limits) with our data SIM cards if the data usage amount does not exceed 500 MB/day, while major prepaid SIM cards for visitors to Japan usually set 100 MB/day or 200 MB/day as a limit.

  • You can also rent Talk SIM cards at Easygo Japan, which allow you to have a local mobile number and make domestic calls or international calls at 30 JPY/min.

  • Different from prepaid SIM cards, if our rental SIM cards are not compatible with your devices, please return them within one day, you will not be billed.