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Japan Pocket Wifi Router

Japan Pocket Wifi Router Comparison
SoftBank (Unlimited) WiMAX 2+ (Unlimited) NTT docomo (1.5GB/day) NTT docomo (3GB/3days)
Rental Fee 630 JPY/day
550 JPY/day (>9days)
450 JPY/day (>19days)
9960 JPY/month (30days)
620 JPY/day
540 JPY/day (>9days)
440 JPY/day (>19days)
9690 JPY/month (30days)
590 JPY/day
520 JPY/day (>9days)
440 JPY/day (>19days)
540 JPY/day
470 JPY/day (>9days)
390 JPY/day (>19days)
Speed Test Results* 10-40Mbps 1-50Mbps 3-30Mbps 3-30Mbps
Data-Throttling Limits Unlimited Data Unlimited Data 1.5GB/day 3GB/3days
Battery Life 10h 15h 18h 18h
Ideal if You Value Data Speed & Amount Data Speed & Amount Data Speed & Signal Data Speed & Signal
Compatible Networks SoftBank 4G LTE/3G WiMAX 2+ NTT docomo 4G LTE/3G NTT docomo 4G LTE/3G
* Our speed test results do not represent any minimum guaranteed speeds. The data speed may vary depending on the location, time and the type of your device.

Frequently Asked Questions
We will include a prepaid return envelope for you to return by mail. Please put the envelope into any post box in Japan before 8am the next day of the rental end date.
Our rental fees include the insurance fees. The insurance covers all types of damages. As long as you return the rental item, there will be no additional charges.
A flat shipping rate of 1,000 JPY can send and return one of the following:
  • One Pocket Wifi Router
  • One Smartphone
  • One Voice Translator
  • Up to Four SIM Cards
The network coverage area is Japan nationwide. Covers around 100% of the population in Japan.
The receptions of SoftBank and NTT docomo are better than that of WiMAX 2+ in rural areas and underground.
Yes, Softbank and WiMAX 2+ network Wi-Fi routers are truly unlimited data. SoftBank Wi-Fi router will never slow down. WiMAX 2+ will slow down to 1Mbps in the evening if you exceed 10GB/3days, but 1Mbps will be fast enough for most internet activities.
If you stay in Tokyo 23 wards, place your order before 5pm on Mon-Sat, your rental item will arrive on the same day.
If you stay in Kanto Area (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, and Yamanashi), place your order before 8am on Mon-Sat, your rental item will arrive on the same day.
If you stay outside Kanto Area , place your order before 5pm, your rental item will arrive next day.
Yes, the rental items can be delivered to the post office or JAL ABC counters in airport (Haneda, Narita, KIX, Central Japan, New Chitose and so on) for you to pick up.

Voice Translator

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