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We Provide Rental Services for Visitors to Japan at True Local Price

Rental services of Mobile Wi-Fi Routers (Pocket Wi-Fi), SIM Cards, Smartphones and others for visitors to Japan.
All Mobile Wi-Fi, SIM cards, and Smartphones are on Japan's largest carrier NTT docomo's 4G/LTE and 3G networks.
Same-Day delivery service is designed to fit visitors who need to be connected right away.


Reasonable Price

Reasonable Price

Rentals of Mobile Wi-Fi Routers (Pocket Wi-Fi), SIM cards, Smartphones, etc. are available at a very reasonable price. No extra charges or hidden costs except for a flat shipping rate.

    Price List
    Mobile Wi-Fi Router (Pocket Wi-Fi)
    Data SIM card
    Talk+Data SIM card (Voice SIM Card)

Pick Up at Airports & Hotels

Delivery to Anywhere in Japan

Rental items can be delivered to hotels, airport post offices, residences, etc. You do not need to receive your package in person. There are no extra charges except for a flat shipping rate.

    Delivery to
    (Items can be left at front desk)
    Airport post offices
    (Items can be left at post office)
    (Items can be left at mailbox)
    Pick up at Easygo Japan Office
    (Shipping cost 50% off)

Same-Day Delivery

Same-Day Delivery

If you stay in Tokyo 23 wards, place your order on Mon-Sat, before 11am, you can get same-day delivery for your rental items. We also provide next-day delivery service for other areas of Japan.

    Delivery Time
    Same-Day delivery to
    Tokyo 23 wards
    Next-Day delivery by noon to
    Kanto area
    Next-Day delivery by 6pm to
    Honshu and Shikoku areas
    Next-Day delivery by 6pm to
    Hokkaido and Kyushu areas

Japan NTT docomo 4G LTE or WiMAX 2+ Mobile Wi-Fi Router (Pocket Wi-Fi)

Our mobile Wi-Fi routers are powerful enough to provide a super-fast internet connenction to your phone, tablet, laptop and any other Wi-Fi devices. With Japan's largest and most reliable NTT docomo 4G LTE networks or WiMAX 2+ networks, you can keep your Wi-Fi devices connected to internet almost everywhere in Japan.

Japan NTT docomo 4G LTE SIM Card

Rent our Data SIM card or Talk+Data SIM card to save roaming fees and calling rates. Our SIM cards are compatible with alomost all unlocked devices and connect you directly to Japan's largest 4G LTE network of NTT docomo, eliminating roaming fees for travellers in Japan. No contracts.

Japan 4G LTE iPhone, Android Phone

Our smartphone enables you to work and live in Japan like your home country. The smartphone will be provided with a Talk+Data SIM card, keeping you connected to Japan's largest and most reliable 4G LTE network of NTT docomo. You can also install any apps on our smartphone with your own Apple ID or Google account.

Free Rental Items

Money Back Guarantee

How to Rent and Return

Rental Service with No Worries

No Extra Charges or Hidden Costs

Other than rental fees, calling rates (if any), SMS rates (if any), and a flat shipping rate, we promise there are no extra or hidden charges.

If Rental Items Are Damaged

The retal fee includes damage warranty fees. The warranty covers all damages. No need to pay except missing.

Billing Method

Rental fees and shipping costs will be charged before the shipment. If any, calling rates, sms rates will be charged after rental items are returned.

If Rental Items Can't Be Activated

In case the rental items can't be activated, please let us know within two days from arrival. No fees will be charged.

How to Use

We have attached quick start guides to all rental items. In case there are any unclear points, please feel free to contact our call center.

Multilingual Display

All rental items and manuals have Japanese and English display options, which is fit for non-Japanese users.

No Registration Required

No registration required for any rental items. The activation process is simple. Only need to follow the enclosed quick start guide to activate.

Delivery Address

Rental items can be delivered to anywhere in Japan and left with the front desk of your hotel or the post office in airport to wait for your pick-up.

How to Return

Put rental items into the return shipping bag provided by us. Drop the bag into any post box located in Japan.


Feedbacks from our Customers

Feedbacks from Customers

Thank you for your service, it saved my trip to Japan. I lost my phone and getting around Japan without a phone is difficult. It was impressive how quickly you were able to get me a phone, the same day I ordered it.

Customer from United States. Oct 2018

This was my second order I really liked your service and equipment.

Customer from United States. Nov 2017

Your service is awesome and will definitely rent it from you again for my next business trip.

Customer from Malaysia. Oct 2017

Thank you for your efficiency, everything is very smooth and clear.

Customer from France. Feb 2017

I am really glad I used your rental services, it was delivered as requsted and it worked perfectly. I am sure I will request the service again in the near future.

Customer from Argentina. Sep 2016

Fantastic service, worked amazingly. I will definitely recommend you.

Customer from Italy. July 2016

We were very impressed with your service. Everything worked flawlessly. We would have no hesitation in using your service again or recommending it to any of our friends visiting Japan.

Customer from Australia. May 2016

Your Wi-Fi router was fantastic thank you. I will be back in July and will use you again.

Customer from Australia. April 2016

It was an excellent service. I found the SIM card upon my arrival to the tiny hotel in Ibaraki. Speed and capacity is just right for me. I will rent again.

Customer from United States. Feb 2016

I canceled my order due to a change of my trip schedule, but I was not billed. Thanks!

Customer from Hong Kong. Jan 2016

We are Committed to Customer Satisfaction

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